Europress joins ‘Big Deal’ climate campaign

Together it is possible to achieve something big. Europress is in the Big Deal campaign, which aims to mitigate climate change by reducing climate warming carbon emissions by one million tonnes by 2030.

We at Europress are investing in product development as well as in SMART technology in order to provide the most environmentally friendly waste management solutions – from design to use.

We make the waste management efficient for S Group, a Finnish network of companies operating in the retail and service sectors, as well as for many other organizations.


At our headquarters and factory in Kerava, we use heat recover ventilation (HRV )in order to promote efficient energy use. What comes to tools, equipment and processes, both our factory and maintenance services use energy efficient tools and the processes are well optimized. More precisely, we optimize the use of paints whenever appropriate and we use waterborne paints whenever possible. At working stations, the lighting must be adequate. Furthermore, it has to be environmentally friendly. In our factory, LED lighting takes care of it while the office facilities have automatic lighting .

Let’s do it and use it all as efficiently as possible!


We are constantly innovating new products and developing smart technologies, not only to minimize the environmental impact of the products themselves, but also to streamline our partners’ waste management operations. Since 2009, the hydraulic oil used by our waste compactors and balers has been filtered instead of changing, which has shrinked the amount of waste oil produced by 99 %. SMART technology in machines ensures that they always operate efficiently, decreasing their energy consumption and protecting components from wear and tear.

Additionally, with Europress SMART digital services the number of waste haulages and service trips can be decreased, which drastically reduces the emissions generated by waste management operations.


On our daily operations we strictly follow our environmental programmes, which concentrate on decreasing the amount of VOC emissions (greenhouse gas emissions) generated by our painting facility, the amount of waste steel generated on production, and increasing the environmental benefits achieved with SMART technology. During surface treatment we minimize the VOC emissions by preferring low-emission paints and thinners, using the right working methods and tools, as well as recycling waste thinners with distilling machinery. In production we minimize the amount of waste steel material. Of any waste produced, we carefully sort all recyclable materials e.g. clear plastics, wooden cable drums, pallets and electrical cables.

The advanced SMART technology utilized on our products strives to reduce the environmental impact of waste management. With the SMART balers, compactors and supplemental digital services we do not only support effective sorting and recycling, but also drastically reduce the emissions generated by waste haulages and service drives.